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Inverness Attractions

Alongside the beautiful riverside setting of the River Ness you will find Inverness Castle, currently used as a courthouse, and St Andrew's Cathedral, dating to 1869. Above the city to the west of Inverness is Craig Phadrig, an open area of woodland which contains a variety of trees, along with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside, the perfect route for a woodland walk to enjoy the views of the city.

Inverness has a rich history with many castles such as Inverness Castle, Urquhart Castle and Cawdor Castle, great places to explore, and you can learn about these castles as well as the art, history and heritage of the Highlands at Inverness Museum & Art Gallery.

Inverness Castle

1.1 miles from Culcabock House
Standing on a site overlooking the River Ness in Inverness where a number of castles have stood since 1057, Inverness Castle is a red sand stone structure built in 1836 by architect William Burn. Inverness Castle itself is not open to the public but the grounds are.

Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

1.2 miles from Culcabock House
Explore Scottish history and discover how the highlands are linked with the rest of the world. Have the opportunity to get face to face with a pine marten and scratch a badger's belly. Experience Highland contemporary art and crafts and unlock a medieval chest - or just have a cup of tea. All of this and more at the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Scotland.

Cawdor Castle

12.9 miles from Culcabock House
Cawdor Castle is a tower house located amongst magnificent gardens in the parish of Cawdor, Scotland. Romantically linked by Shakespeare with Macbeth, Cawdor Castle has much Scottish history for you to discover for yourself. Cawdor Castle dates from the late 14th century and was built as a private fortress by the Thanes of Cawdor. The ancient medieval tower was built around a legendary holly-tree, and you can see this tree by taking the narrow stone stairwell down into the very bowels of the castle to the dungeon.

Although the House has evolved over 600 years, the traditional style has been kept, and inside you will discover fine portraits and pictures, interesting objects and outstanding tapestries. The three gardens and the Cawdor Big Wood offer plenty of scenic delights among the grounds of Cawdor Castle.

Urquhart Castle

19 miles from Culcabock House
Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness was once one of Scotland's largest castles, and now although in ruins, is still an impressive sight. There are few castles in Scotland which have witnessed such considerable conflict as Urquhart Castle has witnessed throughout its 500 years as a medieval fortress.

The five-storey Grant Tower gives magnificent views of Loch Ness, and the remains of the kitchens, the gatehouse, cellars and other buildings can be explored. The beautiful surroundings include some of Scotland's most stunning Highland scenery and are the ideal backdrop to photograph Urquhart Castle.

The new visitor centre tells the story of the castle with an exhibition and audio-visual display, including a large collection of medieval artefacts found at the castle. Visitors can also relax in the cafe and visit the shop with its local crafts.